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About TopVue Color

TopVue Color are iris-covering coloured contact lenses made from hydrogel material. With the wide range of colours available, including blue, brown, green, sapphire blue, grey, and bright green, you can change your eye colour every day of the week. Perfect for everyday wear and social events, these lenses can also be worn with glasses. Use TopVue lenses for a dazzling, yet natural look. These lenses are available with or without dioptric correction.

Focus on Quality

TopVue Color lenses go through four rigorous quality checks before they are approved for sale. The lenses feature Radial Edge Technology, which creates exceptionally thin edges to reduce friction and provide great comfort of wear. TopVue Color lenses’ unique, triple-tonal technology means a flawless, yet natural covering of the iris, while blending the main colour of the lens with small amounts of black and brown. The lenses are also enhanced with UV protection.

TopVue Color for everyday wear or special occasions

TopVue Color lenses are perfect for any occasion. These daily disposable lenses provide a natural change of eye colour, as well as comfort and sharp vision in any environment. The colour of the lenses may vary slightly depending on lighting conditions and the individual’s original eye colour. The lenses do not require any special care of maintenance, and are simply disposed of at the end of each day. Enjoy a fresh, new pair of lenses every day.


Power: from -10.00 to +6.00
DIA: 14.20
BC: 8.60
Water content: 43 %
Material: Hydrogel – Polyhema
UV filter: Yes
Replacement schedule: 1 day
Volume: 10 pcs

Where to buy?

Recommended retail price one box of 10 TopVue Color lenses: 11 £


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