TOPVUE DAILY – lenses for your adventures

Would you love to wear a fresh pair of lenses every day? Then you’ll love TopVue Daily!

They’re easy to use and extremely comfortable, thanks to their ultra-thin edges.

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About TopVue Daily

TopVue Daily are disposable daily contact lenses made from hydrogel material, which ensures consistent levels of moisture and hydration throughout the day. Renowned for their softness and lightness, these lenses are extremely easy to wear.

Quality and technology

TopVue Daily lenses are enriched with a moisturising component known as PEG. Using Aquamax technology, UV protection is applied to the lenses during the production process without disturbing the properties of the lens or compromising the natural, smooth feeling of the lenses on the eye.

TopVue Daily throughout your day

TopVue Daily lenses are hygienic and easy to wear. Each morning, a brand new, fresh pair of lenses is used, and disposed of at the end of the day. Because of this daily replacement schedule, each pair is fresh, functional, and free from dirt, residue, or deposits from previous days’ wear. TopVue Daily provides sharp vision at all distances, in any conditions, whether soft morning light, or bright, sun-soaked evenings.


Power: from -12.00 to +4.00
DIA: 14.20
BC: 8.50
Water content: 58 %
Oxygen: 26 Dk/t
Material: Hydrogel – Etafilcon A
UV filter: Yes
Replacement schedule: 1 day
Volume: 10 pcs / 30 pcs / 90 pcs / 180 pcs

Where to buy?

Recommended price for one pack of 30 lenses: 16 £

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