TOPVUE ONE+ – Lenses that keep up with your adventures

Let your eyes breathe freely by giving them

the comfort of TopVue One+ daily lenses.

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About TopVue One+

These daily contact lenses are made from silicone-hydrogel. They are exceptionally flexible, convenient and provide comfort throughout the entire day. TopVue One+ are designed to correct short- and long-sightedness for those looking for 100% quality lenses — without compromise.


The material of TopVue One+ lenses provides the best of two worlds – a high amount of moisture (through hydrogel) and high breathability (via its silicone component). To ensure maximum comfort, the lenses are stored in a blister with a solution containing sodium hyaluronate. This moisturising agent causes TopVue One+ to immediately feel natural and moist, and retain their moisture for an extended amount of time.


TopVue One+ lenses were created to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable, even in the most difficult circumstances. In addition to the aforementioned properties, the lens edges are crafted according to the Smooth Ski Shape design. Thanks to this, the lens settles naturally on the eye and there are no feelings of irritation. This design shape also helps to evenly distribute tears across the eye and under the lens. Because TopVue One+ are daily lenses, there’s no need to buy additional accessories or solutions, which means you’re free from the hassles of lens care.


Power: from -12.00 to +6.00
DIA: 14.20
BC: 8.60
Water content: 53 %
Oxygen: 68 Dk/t
Material: Silicone-hydrogel – Unifilcon B
UV filtr: No
Replacement schedule: 1 day
Volume: 5 pcs / 30 pcs / 90 pcs

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Recommended retail price for one box of 30 TopVue One+ lenses: 20 £

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