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TopVue Bi-weekly with

increased moisture for phenomenal comfort

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About TopVue Bi-weekly

Although no longer in production, TopVue Bi-weekly were designed for daily wear to provide comfort and sharp vision in every environment, from scoring goals on the field to crunching numbers at your computer. The lenses were intended for a two-week replacement schedule.

Quality manufacturing

TopVue Bi-weekly lenses offered consistent vision correction and sharp vision in all lighting conditions. These lenses were equipped with UV protection, ultra-thin edges to reduce friction, and a high water content due to the inclusion of the moistuising agents known as sodium hyaluronate and PEG.

TopVue Bi-weekly – 14 days of clear vision

TopVue Bi-weekly were renowned for providing perfectly sharp vision and exceptional comfort throughout the 14 days of wear. Due to the ultra-thin edges and high moisture content, the eyelid experienced reduced friction when blinking.
Not suitable for continuous wear, these lenses must be removed and cleaned before being stored overnight in fresh solution.


Power: from -12.00 to +4.00
DIA: 14.20
BC: 8.50
Water content: 58 %
Oxygen: 28 Dk/t
Material: Hydrogel – Etafilcon A
UV filter: Yes
Replacement schedule: 14 days

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You can also try new and improved TopVue Premium bi-weekly lenses, which are also suitable for users with sensitive eyes.

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