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Experience amazing comfort and a new,

natural-looking eye colour with monthly TopVue Color lenses.

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About TopVue Color

The previous generation of TopVue Color iris-covering monthly contact lenses were made from a flexible and adaptable hydrogel material. Suitable for everyday wear and special occasions, the lenses adjusted to the colour of your eyes to provide stunning results. These lenses were produced with and without dioptric correction.

3-tone technology

TopVue Color monthly lenses were created using unique 3-tone technology, which mixes black and brown on the lens with the final colour to create a natural-looking appearance.

The final colour

The final colour of the lens is affected by a number of factors including the individual’s natural eye colour, lighting conditions, as well as clothing and accessories. As with other monthly contact lenses, it is important to remove and clean the lenses before storing them in a case with solution overnight.


Power: from -1.00 to -6.00
DIA: 14.20
BC: 8.60
Water content: 55 %
Material: Hydrogel – Methafilcon A
UV filter: Yes
Replacement schedule: 30 days

Try the new and improved version of TopVue Color

TopVue Color lenses are now available in a daily version with even more colour options to choose from. Whether you need dioptric correction or not, you can experience unparalleled comfort and a gorgeous new eye colour today with TopVue Color.

Example packaging - daily TopVue Color

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