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Don’t be afraid of change – Try TopVue

There’s no shortage of frightening (and false) information about contact lenses circulating, but we’re here to set the record straight. If you have any concerns, don’t worry! Read on as we disprove some of the most common myths surrounding contact lenses. 🙂


“It’s just not healthy to put something into my eyes.”

Nothing to fear! Today’s contact lenses are so advanced that they’re made from biocompatible materials derived from and compatible with the human eye. This means they’re 100% safe and suitable for nearly all wearers.

The wearing period is an important consideration when choosing lenses, but all can be perfectly hygienic with proper care and maintenance. Some lenses are designed to be worn continuously (overnight), while others will be discarded daily. Multi-use lenses must be cleaned periodically to remove dirt and deposits, but this will quickly become an easy part of your daily routine.

Another common health concern is the fear that eyes covered by contact lenses will be deprived of oxygen. Also not so! Contact lenses are designed to transmit oxygen to the eye through microscopic channels in the lens, as well as through the water that is contained within the lens material. That’s why oxygen permeability and water content are important factors when choosing lenses.

And, although eye infections are certainly possible, they’re unlikely and easy to avoid with proper hygiene and lens care.

“I’m afraid the lens will get lost in my eye!”

You can safely put this notion to rest, as it’s biologically impossible for a lens to slip behind the eyeball thanks to a thin membrane called the conjunctiva. If a dry lens happens to become difficult to remove, a few applications of eye drops usually solves the problem immediately.


“Having something in my eye will be uncomfortable, or even painful.”

Once you’ve found the perfect lenses for you, this will be a nonissue. With such a wide variety of lenses on the market today featuring different materials and varying amounts of moisture and breathability, there is a perfect pair for every wearer. When you’ve found your match, you will not feel anything in your eye at all.


“I’m worried the lens will get stuck to my eye.”

If you’re new to contact lenses, you may find it a bit difficult to remove them at first, but don’t worry, they won’t stick to your eyes forever. If the lenses and eyes become dry (in some climates, or after a longer period of wear, for example), they may require a little more patience to remove. Usually a few drops of rewetting solution or eye drops is enough to hydrate a lens so that it can be easily removed. It takes practice, but everyone finds a way of removing contact lenses that works for them in no time.


“Contact lenses are better suited for young people.”

This is also not something you need to worry about. Contact lenses can be worn safely and comfortably by kids, adults, and the elderly under the care of an eye-care professional. There is absolutely no age limit!


“I have an allergy, so I cannot wear contacts.”

Yes, you can. There’s an option for everyone. Science, technology, and medicine are always advancing, and there is a wide variety of eye drops and sprays that can help prevent allergens from getting into the eye. There are also types of contact lenses that are designed specifically for people with sensitive eyes, which is often a symptom of an allergy. In any case, daily disposable contact lenses are usually the best, most hygienic choice when it comes to seasonal allergies.


“I can only wear the lenses I got from my eye specialist.”

You can actually try any type of contact lenses that you want, as long as they meet the requirements of your prescription. Your eye specialist might choose to offer contact lenses from a specific brand, so he might not be able to expose you to the full range of contact lenses available on the market.

Don’t be afraid of change! We are confident you’ll be satisfied with the quality and comfort of TopVue lenses, but all of our trusted suppliers offer a money-back guarantee, just in case you find them unsuitable.


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