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Your First Contact Lenses


If you’ve recently experienced vision problems, or have been struggling with spectacles for years, you may be a perfect candidate for contact lenses. Congratulations! The first step, once you’ve made this life-changing decision, is to visit your eye-care specialist for a thorough diagnosis and examination.

Your eye doctor will provide you with all the information you need to select the best contacts for you. You’ll need your prescription, which will include details about your particular vision problem (short-sightedness, astigmatism, etc.), the dioptric powers required for correction, lens materials that may suit you best, and more. Now, the choice of lenses is yours! Each individual, and in fact, each eye ball is different, and there is no need to compromise on quality of vision or comfort once you decide to ditch the spectacles. Keep in mind, you may need to trial a few pairs before finding your perfect fit.

Why TopVue?

TopVue lenses are produced using the most technologically advanced materials available, and their aspherical design has been determined to fit 99% of users. Previous generations of contact lenses featured a perfectly spherical design, meaning the curvature was even across the entire lens surface, however, newly developed aspherical lenses have a variable curvature across the surface. This allows the eye to process light differently for clearer, crisper vision, even in low-light conditions, while working on a computer, playing sports, or any other activities that require constant, clear focus.

Interested in TopVue? Give them a try!

Most of our trusted TopVue retailers provide an exclusive money-back guarantee on these lenses. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied, but if for any reason the lenses are not right for you, you can always find the details of the refund policy on the retailer’s terms and conditions page. So, you’re free to try TopVue lenses, risk free! Give TopVue lenses a try, and enjoy the freedom from restrictive glasses.


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